I decided I wanted more verses around our home – more visual reminders of where our hearts and minds should be. Of course, just having God’s words on the wall is not really the goal .. it should be in our hearts, as taught in Mark 12:28-31. We are to teach them to our children and always have them in mind and in our talk. But having something visual can cue our thoughts and remind us.  I wanted to share these with anyone who would find them helpful.

Instructions: They are all 8×10, which is a common frame size, though some are horizontal and some are vertical. Click any image to get to the printable PDF file, and print on regular size printer paper, and just trim the white borders after printing to be left with your 8×10 print. (Although, I would recommend printing on heavier paper like cardstock rather than typical printer paper. One option is to have it printed at a place like Office Depot or Staples… they’ll typically print a full color cardstock copy for less than $1.) Help yourself and enjoy! :)