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Well, my shop FlourishCafe is back open for business after our move! The vintage section of the shop will stay closed for awhile until we are more settled, but my typography and illustration prints are available again. Since some of you have been expressing an interest in selling on Etsy, so I thought you would enjoy this infographic. A group of designers made this and contacted me about sharing it on my blog, and I found it quite interesting and I thought you would too!

Etsy MBA
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If you have any questions about selling on Etsy, leave them in the comments below! :)

12 thoughts on “Selling on Etsy Infographic”

  1. Wow! That’s some really surprising information! I’m blown away to find out that 69% don’t have children. About half of my shop is for children.

    I’m really interested to know how to market my shop. How to be seen. I haven’t built a big inventory because I don’t know how to get noticed.

    1. Yeah, it is interesting what a big portion don’t have kids. Of course, since it’s such a huge site, 31% is still a lot of people. And also, there are lots of people without kids who still buy gifts for kids in their lives.

      Ahh, marketing. Definitely an important but tough topic! I’ll have to think about that one, might be something good to blog about in the future…

  2. This is interesting! I just launched my Etsy shop this month and have been so excited about the response I’ve gotten. It helps that I’ve been blogging about my quilting/sewing hobby for years so I already had a built in audience for my products.

    PS–I’m using your tutorial to upgrade my blog – thank you THANK YOU for taking the time to do it. I appreciate you!

  3. … ok …. HOW many days til Cyber Monday?!?! Gotta get hopping! I just started *branding* myself (this weekend actually). My biggest issue is getting people TO my shop. Need to find creative ways to advertise … Thanks for the Etsy info!


    1. Ahh, yeah, sounds like Yvette who post a couple comments earlier!! Marketing … so important to get in touch with your target market. Sounding more and more like I should write something up about that…

      Thanks Chelsea!

  4. This is interesting. Sold my very first thing on Etsy just this weekend. Any money I made I quickly spent trying to make sure the packaging was nice :) but it was a thrill. I definately think having a blog helps. I too am perplexed about the the best way to list my items to maximise search, any advice on that would be hugely appreciated.

    1. Ooh, you have to plan out your prices to make sure they not only cover your costs, but that you also make a profit!! It can get old quick to put in a lot of effort but your bottom line not start rising. I know it takes some trial and error in the beginning, but WAY too many Etsy sellers (including myself when I first started out) seriously underprice. Don’t try to compete with prices of non-handmade stores, figure out how you can profitably run your business.

      Coming up well in a search – and not just any search, but the searches that your target market will be searching – is, I believe, a big part of marketing. I’m seeing a theme here in these comments .. sounds like marketing is a big question mark to a lot of sellers! :)

  5. Very interesting info! Love it all except the typo–it should say “Since its release in 2011” instead of “it’s.” Wish the designers had caught that!

  6. I’m actually really floored by the average amount an artist can sell/earn in one year from selling on etsy. Is that just etsy sales or does that include other things like craft fairs? I’ve been think of trying to sellon etsy but every time I try its a big flop. I need better marketing but I have clue where to start. Any tips?

    1. Just Etsy sales – but that statistic is, I believe, an example of what you CAN earn on Etsy – not necessarily what is the average or the norm. As far as tips – I’m actually about to start a series this Friday on running your own creative business, so you might be interested in that! :)

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